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Pandering, Pondering, Pillaging Pointlessly

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21 July 1967
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Proof reader. Gamer. Ex-Projectionist. RPG Collector.
Birmingham Resident (no, not the one in Alabama).
Former Hogshead Publishing Employee.
The Klingon in him likes prunes.
Parent By Remote.
Serial Games Reviewer.

Friends call him Pookie, but bears have nothing to do with it.
50s science fiction movies, absolute power, alan moore, alpha flight, alternate history, ancient history, armando iannucci, babylon 5, baldur's gate, bbc, bbc radio, bbc radio 4, bbc radio four, bbc7, bill bailey, black books, bladerunner, board games, boardgames, books, brp, buckaroo banzai, burning wheel, call of cthulhu, chemical brothers, china mieville, cinema, comic books, conspiracy of shadows, conspiracy theory, cthulhu for president, cthulhu mythos, cubicle 7, cubicle 7 entertainment, cyberpunk, cyberpunk 2020, dave allsop, doctor who, dr who, dune, earthsearch, edward gorey, fading suns, films, firefly, flashman, frankenstein factory, game design, games, gaming, gamma world, graphic novels, gurps, h p lovecraft, h. p. lovecraft, h.p. lovecraft, hamish and dougal, hancock's half hour, history, i'm-sorry-i-haven't-a-clue, it crowd, jeremy hardy, jorune, just a minute, ken hite, kenneth hite, league of extraordinary gentlemen, libdems, liberal democrats, linda smith, lovecraft, memories, military history, mitch benn, monsters, mornington, mornington crescent, movie news, movie reviews, movies, museum of everything, mythology, nebulous, nightfall, nightfall games, noir, northern exposure, old harry's game, old tv, perdido street station, philip k dick, philip k. dick, planetary, pulp, punt and dennis, pyramid, pyramidians, radio, radio 4, radio 4 comedy, radio active, radio nine, reading, revolting people, role playing, role playing games, role-playing, role-playing games, roleplaying, roleplaying games, ross noble goes global, rpg, rpg design, rpgs, s.l.a, sapphire and steel, sci-fi, science fantasy, science fiction, secret history, serenity, sla industries, space 1889, star trek, stargate sg-1, steampunk, suppressed transmission, tabletop games, tekumel, the archers, the boosh, the goon show, the goons, the now show, the princess bride, this sceptred isle, tim burton movies, tim powers, today, unknown armies, victoriana, wargames, warhammer fantasy roleplay, warren ellis, weird stuff, weirdness, william gibson, writing, wuxia, yes minister

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