Pookie (pwca) wrote,

Dear lulu.com

I want to order the following two items: Cthulhu and The River Of Doubt and In Remote Places. The first is a novel and the second is a CD. I am not having any problems trying to order them, except when it comes to the postage and packaging.

If I want to order each separately, I am being asked to pay approximately $10 each time, about equal to the cost of each item. The expected delivery date is a few days. If I want to order them together, and I do because they are going to the same person, I am being asked to pay $112 and then told that the expected delivery date is December 25th.

Could I ask what the extra $100 is for and what you will be doing to or with each item in the time between when I place the order and you expect it to be delivered?
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